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Tool Time
Equipment Rental & Sales

Tool Time Equipment Rental, Inc., located in Highland, Michigan, has been serving Southeast Michigan since 1996. Contractors and Do-It-Yourself ers in the Metro Detroit area rely upon our superior service and expertly maintained equipment. We offer Rental Equipment and Supplies from the simplest of hand tools such as shovels, trowels, drills, grinders, and saws, to heavy duty equipment like skid steers, backhoes, scissor lifts, generators, and trenchers. Upon return of each rental tool / equipment, it is inspected, cleaned, and serviced to ensure proper operation during your rental period.
Boom Lift
Mini Excavator Cement / Mortar Mixer

Rental & Sales

Why buy, when you can rent?

Let us make the large investment in the equipment you only need to use for a short time. Tool Time Equipment Rental, Inc. can supply you with that tool or equipment you need with our low hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly rates. When your done with your project just bring back your rental and let us worry about the maintenance and service that nobody likes to do. Not only do we rent equipment we also sell new and Used Equipment along with Contractor Supplies. Be sure to check out our comprehensive online Rental Catalog.

Do you have a used piece of equipment that you don't use much any more and it's still in good shape? Let us know, we may be interested in purchasing it from you.

We are the Calcium Chloride connection for Southeastern Michigan. Use calcium chloride as an alternative to rock salt for ice removal in the winter, and for dust control on dirt and gravel roads in the summer . You can refill your calcium chloride tank at our Highland or Novi depots, 24 hours a day. We also carry a complete line of distribution equipment for calcium chloride.

If you don't see a particular item your looking for, be sure to Contact Us.

Contractor Rental & Supplies

Contractors are the bread and butter of our business. We cater to a wide range of contractors from masons, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and landscapers. We have the right tool for just about any job. From our lightweight, handheld cutoff saws to our mini excavators you will be sure to get the job done. If your in need of something bigger, we also offer the complete line of heavy equipment from the CAT Rental store. All of our larger rental equipment is available for onsite delivery. Be sure to Contact Us if you don't find what your looking for or if you have that special piece of equipment you would like to sell us.

Generator / Light Tower

Do It Yourself Rentals

These days many people are taking care of their projects themselves. Our staff here at Tool Time Equipment Rental, Inc. is fully qualified to serve you. We can provide guidance helping you select the right tool to get the job done correctly and efficiently. We have the tools to help you with your renovation project, yard maintenance, or help you recover for a disaster. If you can't find what you need or your not sure what you need for your project, be sure to Contact Us.

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